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Hale Omni Patio Pet Door - Giant 15" x 27"

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Our Price: $1,100.00

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Choose Flap Style::
Frame Color:
Security Cover Color:


* denotes required field

Direction the slider closes (inside looking out):*
Panel Will Be Installed on:*
Rise Height:*
Low E (optional-add $175 to price)*
Tint (optional--add $50 to price):
Overall Height of Slider:*
Choose Panel Size (you can order an oversized panel, but they are NOT recommended): *
Overall width of the door behind the slider:*

Omni Panel

Hale Pet Door Standard Panel Model

The “Hale Omni Panel™ Model” is our easiest door panel to install and remove, making it perfect for renters. It is designed to pressure fit directly into the door track of a standard height sliding glass door.  Your specified size pet door will already be installed in the frame of the panel. 

We also supply a custom size Omni Lock Bar to enable the secure closure of your sliding patio door while the panel insert is installed.

There are two specific considerations to keep in mind with the Omni Panel.

  • It is the recommended model to use with Andersen and Pella patio doors. (Our Standard Panel model is not compatible with Andersen and Pella.)
  • The Omni Panel is not recommended for doors over 82" high.

While this model is manufactured to your measurements, some height adjustment is required at the time of installation. A sliding plate on both the inner and outer sides of the adjustment mechanism area is provided to cover the mechanism.

Please use our downloadable form to assist you in measuring.
NOTE: Since each of our panels is custom made, only a 50% credit toward the purchase of a new Hale Pet Door will be given if it is returned. 
SHIPPING AVAILABILITY: Since each panel is custom made to our customer's specifications our panels are not "in stock".  They are custom built so shipping can take up to two weeks.
Have questions? Call us at (888) 943-4364.
Flap Configuration:
Pick the number of flaps you would like on your panel model.  Standard is double flap.
Our Standard Panel Model comes with double flaps for improved insulation and energy efficiency.  Though not recommended, In some situations you may choose to install a single flap model.  If you do choose a single flap, it will be installed on the exterior of the panel.
Flap Color:
A clear flap is standard and recommended.  We do offer black and white opaque flaps for darkness or privacy, however these are NOT recommended for standard everyday use but only for special situations.  NOTE:  If your dog is used to a clear flap, we recommend keeping that color.  If you do decide to pick an opaque flap, some retraining may be needed.
Three (3) available flap colors for Hale Pet DoorsNormally a pet door comes with clear flaps.  However, there may be situations where an opaque flap is appropriate. (i.e. the pet door is in a bedroom and a person wants darkness, or a pet door is installed in a bathroom and privacy is needed).  In that case you may choose to have one or both flaps made black or white.  NOTE: if you have a pet who has been used to having a pet door with clear flaps and a darker cover, you may need to retrain the pet to use the pet door if you purchase one with black flaps as they may think it is the cover in place.
Frame Color:

Pick the frame color you would like for your pet door.


four frame color choices for Hale Pet Door modelsPet Door Frame Colors Available.

Arizona Beige -- hard  coat paint, looks like coffee with a couple of creamers added.

Brushed Aluminum -- anodized metal, satin nickel color, looks like the bottom of a Coke can

Dark Bronze -- anodized metal, chocolate brown,  looks almost black in dimmer light

                                                    White -- white hard coat paint

Security Cover Color:
Pick a cover to complement your pet door or your decor.
Lexan and Starboard cover colors for Hale Pet Door modelsWe offer two materials and five color choices for our pet door covers.  Our standard covers are made of opaque, textured King Starboard® and each of the four available colors are designed to complement the four frame colors.  As an alternative, you can choose our translucent gray Lexan® cover to go with any of our frame colors.
The covers are designed to coordinate as follows:
Frame Color
Cover Color
Arizona Beige
Sanshade Starboard
Brushed Aluminum
Dolphin Gray Starboard
Dark Bronze
Black Starboard
White Starboard
*Note: Dolphin Gray Starboard cover is not pictured above.
Overall height of slider:
Please write in the overall height of your slider measured from inside one track to flush with the other track. Click "details" for more information.
The overall height of the sliding door should be measured down inside the bottom track and flush with the top track.  Do not measure inside both tracks or the panel will be too tall.  Do no measure flush on both ends or the panel will be too short. 
Overall width of the door behind the slider: 



Measure from the back of the sliding glass door (when closed) to the opposite door jamb. This measurement is used to make the Omni Lock Bar. It follows the same principle as a length of broomstick stuck in the track.  Please supply us with the full measurement.  We will manufacture the Lock Bar to the appropriate length based on the size of pet door you are ordering.

Direction the slider closes (inside looking out):
Pick whether your door slides closed to the right or to the left.
While you are inside your house looking out, close your patio door.  Did you slide it to the left or to the right to close it?  This determines the side on which we install the patio door lock.
Panel will be installed on:
Please specify whether your panel unit will be installed on the
sliding side or the stationary side of your patio door.
Rise Height:
Please specify how much clearance you would like underneath your pet door.
The rise is the portion of the pet door that the animal must step over as they pass through the door. The shortest possible rise is 1" which is the size of the door frame. For taller animals, we offer either a 5" rise or a 10 " rise. Keep in mind the layout of the ground on both the inside and outside of the door as you do not want your pet to have to jump through the door. If you have more than one pet, you will need a rise short enough for the pet with the shortest legs and a door opening tall enough for the tallest pet.
Low E (optional-add $175.00 to price):
Please specify if you would like Low E coating applied to the glass in your panel for more energy efficiency.
Low E is a coating applied to the glass to reduce heat.  It is untinted and reduces the heat entering through the glass while still allowing the light to come in.
Tint (optional--add $50.00 to price):

Please specify if you would like tint added to your panel model.  If you do choose tint, please specify the color you would like.  Color options are Gray & Bronze


Tint is a coating applied to the glass to reduce heat.  Tint changes with glass thickness and other variables and cannot be guaranteed as to color or darkness.   It is almost impossible for us to match a preexisting tint that you may have on your patio door or window.


Condition: New
Manufacturer: Hale Pet Doors
Manufacturer Part No: HaleOmniPPD-Giant

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