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Hale Pet Door Wall Model Large 11" x 16"

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Our Price: Starting at $330.00

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Frame Color:
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Security Cover Load Direction:
Tunnel Legnth::

Wall Model

Dark Bronze Hale Pet Door: Wall ModelShow Fido he’s “top dog” by installing a Hale Pet Door™. The Wall Model is our most popular model. It’s self-framing and self-supporting design makes it adapt to fit any opening cut into an interior or exterior wall – whether it is standard construction, stucco, block or masonry walls.

Our energy efficient doors stand up to all the elements. Whether the temperature outdoors is blistering hot or biting cold, Hale’s quality design and construction gives greater protection from wind and unwanted critters.

Raincap shown on a Hale Pet Door wall modelNew optional "raincap" shown here free with purchase. First of its kind in the pet door market! Hooks to the top edge of the outside frame and helps protect against water intrusion.  Wall model also comes standard with flashing underneath the tunnel for additional water containment and diversion.

NOTE: If ordering a secondary exterior security cover and raincap, you must choose a side loading security cover so the top is available for the raincap.
Door Size:
Eleven (11) standard sizes of Hale Pet Door door modelsThe Wall Model is available in 11 standard sizes or we can make you a custom size door. Please see our sizes page for more information if you need help in choosing the proper size. Please choose a size from the drop down box. The dimensions listed next to each size are for the passage opening the pet would use.  For rough opening and tip to tip frame dimensions, see our sizes page. NOTE: picture shows door models.
Frame Color:

four frame color choices for Hale Pet Door modelsPet Door Frame Colors Available.

Arizona Beige -- hard  coat paint, looks like coffee with a couple of creamers added.

Brushed Aluminum -- anodized metal, satin nickel color, looks like the bottom of a Coke can

Dark Bronze -- anodized metal, chocolate brown,  looks almost black in dimmer light

White -- white hard coat paint

Flap Configuration:

Our Wall Model comes standard with double flaps for improved insulation and energy efficiency. In some situations (i.e. installing in an interior wall) you may choose to install a single flap model.  If you do choose a single flap, it will be installed on the exterior frame of your pet door.

Flap Color:
A clear flap is standard and recommended.  We do offer black and white opaque flaps for darkness or privacy, however these are NOT recommended for standard everyday use but only for special situations.  NOTE:  If your dog is used to a clear flap, we recommend keeping that color.  If you do decide to pick an opaque flap, some retraining may be needed.
Security Cover Load Direction:

side load vs top load security cover on a Hale Pet DoorThe security cover comes standard on our models as an interior top load version. On occasion there will be an obstruction above the pet door that prevents the security cover from being raised up far enough to remove. In those instances, we provide an optional side load model.  The picture at the left shows a right side load door model and a top load door model with the covers partially inserted for visibility of the load direction

Security Cover Color:
Pick a cover to complement your pet door or your decor.
Lexan and Starboard cover colors for Hale Pet Door modelsWe offer two materials and five color choices for our pet door covers.  Our standard covers are made of opaque, textured King Starboard® and each of the four available colors are designed to complement the four frame colors.  As an alternative, you can choose our translucent gray Lexan® cover to go with any of our frame colors.
The covers are designed to coordinate as follows:
Frame Color
Cover Color
Arizona Beige
Sanshade Starboard
Brushed Aluminum
Dolphin Gray Starboard
Dark Bronze
Black Starboard
White Starboard
*Note: Dolphin Gray Starboard cover is not pictured above.

Four raincap colors for Hale Pet Door wall modelThe raincap is part of Hale's water containment and diversion system to help prevent moisture intrusion into your pet door.  This awning like attachment hooks onto the top edge of the outside frame and helps protect from water intrusion into the pet door itself and therefore into your house.  The raincaps are available in our four standard frame colors and will be supplied to match the exterior pet door frame.

Tunnel Length:

The Standard tunnel works for most walls.


Our Wall Model comes with a standard 10" tunnel to fit walls between 2" and 10" in size. We offer an optional oversize 16" tunnel for deeper walls. If you need a tunnel longer than 16", please see our custom models information page.

Carpet Choice:

Pick your carpet choice from the options provided.  Standard is high pile brown.  For a picture of the carpet choices, click "details" to the right.


All Hale Wall Model pet doors come with mold and mildew resistant olefin nylon carpet that covers the sides and bottom between the pet door flaps.  This prevents the tunnel from getting too hot or cold for the pet to walk on and prevents light and heat from being reflected into the house.  It can also help keep your house cleaner as it tends to clean the pet's paws as they walk on it.  It is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner hose and can be spot cleaned with any commercial carpet spot cleaner.

It is available in three varieties:  a slightly higher pile carpet in a medium brown color -- similar to a living room type carpet (shown at right in picture) and a lower pile (no pile), indoor/outdoor type carpet in both dark gray and dark brown (shown at left and center of picture).

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Hale Pet Doors
Manufacturer Part No: HaleWallLarge

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