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Thermo Panel IIIe 12" X 23" with Endura Flap 01PPC12 for Sliding Glass Doors

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Our Price: Starting at $549.00

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Panel Height:
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Most Patio Pacific Pet Doors are Assembled after they are ordered.  Products are typically shipped 3-5 Business Days after they are ordered via FedEx directly from the manufacturer.  You will be forwarded tracking information once the product has been shipped.




  • New! Low "e", Dual-pane, Insulated glass:

    Complements the insulating properties of the 'Endura' flap even more than in the original Thermo Panel III.
  • New! Award Winning Extreme Performance 'Endura' flap -

    The best pet door flap ever made. Tired of replacing worn out, leaking flaps? You owe it to yourself to investigate the Endura Flap. Want to see an example of a popular leaker after some use?
  • New! Patented, exclusive ' User Adjustable Rise:'

    Lets the user easily adjust the height of the flap above the base of the pet door to fit taller or shorter dogs (see graphic). This greatly increases the flexibility of the pet door for the future.
    • # 6 may be set to 3" or 5" rise
    • # 8 may be set to 3", 5", or 7" rise
    • # 10 may be set to 3", 5", 7" or 9" rise
    • # 12 may be set to 3", 5", 7", 9" or 11" rise
  • New! 'High Aspect Ratio' design:

    Much easier to fit your pet. Improves security for medium to large sized pets. Easier to share with a smaller pet.
  • New! 'Green' flap material:

    Safe for the environment unlike vinyl (PVC) which is not.
  • 'No Tools' Installation.

    No need to drill holes in your sliding glass door frame.
  • New! Provision to add magnets

    to increase the already significant wind resistance.
  • Sturdy Locking Cover -

    Locks pets in or out. Easy-to-use clip lock is better than the old spring loaded pin locks.
  • 'Spring load' design:

    Can be installed or removed in seconds.
  • Built in ' Anti-Whoops'

    allows for 3/4" change in adjustment range to accommodate measuring errors or to accommodate a too tight fit.
  • 100% Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA!

  • Fits any sliding glass door (minimum track width 1"):

    Standard ranges include 74 3/4" - 77 3/ 4" and 771/4"-80 1/4"
    Standard 'Oversize' is 93
    Custom height ranges include:3
    Custom undersize < 74
    1/4" (especially for sideways sliding windows)
    Custom oversize 80
     1/4 "-93"
  • Draft Stopper - Stops air leaks between the stationary and sliding panels.
  • Provision to lock sliding glass door

    securely with a 'pin' type lock.
  • Superior Customer Protection:

    90 day return, 10 year warranty, 15 year warranty on the "Endura Flap" assembly


The Endura Flap Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors -

The Original Thermo Panel III Patio Pet Door - was a major upgrade to the very successful Thermo Panel II. The difference was that the Thermo Panel III used the new award winning "Endura Flap"--the best pet door flap ever made--while the Thermo Panel II used flaps and framing made by other manufacturers. The benefits of the Endura Flap are far more important than whether the glass is single pane or dual pane.


Now introducing the Thermo Panel IIIe -

All of the features of the Thermo Panel III with the addition of "Low E" glass for the insulated glass units. Low "E" glass consists of a special coating on the inside of the unit which greatly improves the energy efficiency of the insulated glass unit.



There are quite a few details

that might be important for you to think about in purchasing any panel pet door. Begin with 'Key Points' to get a quick overview of the most important issues. Then study the 'Comparison Chart' and read the information on the Patio Panel FAQ page which cover the fine points of patio pet doors.


Hot Tip: People almost always visually over-estimate the width of the flap needed by their dog. To avoid this problem, call the dog through a doorway opened only enough for him to comfortably pass. Then measure the gap.

Then measure the height of the dog at the withers (top of the shoulder). Inspect the chart to the right to ensure that your pet is no taller than the maximum height value available for that model. If your pet is taller than the maximum or if you need a shorterrise (for another, smaller pet for example) go up to a larger size.

Note: Endura Flaps are not recommended for use by kittens or tiny dogs. Cats have been successful using the #06 and #08 . We would not recommend using the #10 or #12 for cats.
Endura Flap Patio Pet Door Thermo Panel IIIe
Size & Stock # Flap Dimension *Rise*1 Adjustment Range Overall Panel Width
# 6 6" X 11" 3"-5" 11 1/4"
# 8 8" X 15" 3' - 7" 13 1/4"
# 10 10" X 19" 3" - 9" 15 1/4"
# 12 12" X 23" 3" - 11" 17 1/4"
Frame Colors: 
S - Satin (aluminum) 
B - Bronze (dark brown) 
W -White
Height Options: 
P - 74
 3/4" - 773/4" 
Q - 77
1/4" - 801/4" 
R - 93
1/4"-961/4" (add cost)
Frame color and height options are offered from a drop down after you 'Buy Now'
Caution: If your measured track height is near the bottom of the adjustment range then you should review A Note of Caution.

Custom Height Charges3

Custom Height: Minimum & Maximum Heights

X - Under 74 3/4" (additional cost) 
Y - 80
1/4"-93" (additional cost)

 When you order a custom height panel you provide us with your track height measurement in the shopping cart section. We will design a panel especially for you with a height adjustment range of 3" that has your measurement approximately in the center of that range.

Custom height orders may not be made by phone.

Model Min Max
# 6 40" 96"
# 8 46" 96"
# 10 49" 96"
# 12 58" 96"
1 'Rise' is the height of the flap above the base of the pet door. We suggest that 'flap height' + 'rise' should about equal pet shoulder height. Unlike any other panel pet door on the market, the Thermo Panel IIIe can be adjusted by the user to the rise dimensions shown in 2" increments. Here's more info on the 'Adjustable Rise'.

Custom orders cannot be resold. Therefore, they must be a final sale once built.Note that the insulated glass units for custom height orders take three to four weeks for delivery from the tempering plant and that we need about 1-2 weeks to schedule the assembly after the glass unit arrives.

Thermo Panel IIIe Patio Pet Door
Featuring 'Endura' Flap (pat. pending) 
and 'Adjustable Rise' (patented)
Locking Cover is not Shown
The "Endura" Flap Used in 
All Patio Pacific Pet Doors 
Won the Coveted Fancy Publications 
"Editors Choice" Award for 2007!
Are you looking for a Slinding Window Pet Door?
Order a Thermo Panel IIIe and select the "Custom Height <74" Option
Thermo Panel IIIe built
"Custom Height Undersize"
for a Sliding Window
Recommended Size Limits
Model # = flap width
Rise Options
Maximum Height at Withers
# 6
# 8
# 10
# 12
I received the pet door very quickly and in perfect condition. I had it unpacked and installed in less than an hour and it works exactly as advertised! I am very pleased with myself for deciding to spend the extra money and get a patio pet door and not only does everything it says it does, but matches my dual pane slider so well that it looks like it was made for it. And it does insulate as advertised. I live in Phoenix and it is already over 100 degrees here. My AC is set for 72 degrees (I am not a native desert dweller - I am originally from Washington State so I am more comfortable keeping my home a little cooler than most people do) and the room in which the pet door is stays at the same 72 degrees as the rest of my house. Now that's a perfect example of how insulating the Thermal Panel III is! Oh, and let's not forget the Endura Flap, it also works as promised. The Endura Flap so superior to the typical vinyl pet door flap that it is ridiculous to even try and compare the two!
Thank you so much for providing such an exceptional product! Regards, Cherrie S.
p.s. please feel free to use me as a testimonial and/or a reference (It is extremely rare for me to be so satisfied and happy with a product that I purchased that I would go so far as to write the company about it!)


Condition: New
Manufacturer: Patio Pacific
Manufacturer Part No: 01PPC12

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