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Announcing a Complete New Line of Pet Doors 
Based Upon a Revolutionary New Flap Design

Introducing the "Endura Flap" - 
The greatest advance in pet door design ever!

The heart of any pet door is the flap, and pet door flaps have always been a big disappointment to the pet door owner. They leak, they don't insulate, they pinch the pet, they blow open, they don't fit the pet and they wear out quickly so the user needs to buy an expensive replacement flap and start over again.

Some have been better than others in one respect or another. But none has ever succeeded in achieving superior performance in every respect. This is particularly true of the brands that are most heavily marketed today.

Beginning in 2001, Patio Pacific, Inc, undertook an intensive engineering design effort to build the perfect pet door flap and, based upon that design, to produce a full range of superior pet door products. By Fall of 2004,  that work had culminated in the "Endura" Flap Assembly.

The rest of these pages are devoted to a presentation of the patented Endura Flap Assembly design through a discussion of the major design criteria.

If you've ever owned a pet door, you're going to love what you see here.

Note: False colors are used throughout in these engineering drawings to emphasize various components of the flap design.

I am writing this to share my experience with your large Endura Flap Pet Door. I honestly was a little dubious at paying the rather steep price to purchase the pet door of which you seemed so proud. My expectations were high as the package arrived. During the rather easy install ( after a brief call to your customer service department who answered my question quickly and very professionally) I saw firsthand the product in which you have so much pride.

The double flap door is amazing. Even though we live in California, we chose the double door to make sure when the rains and much cooler temperatures come this winter, there is no chance they will find their way inside our home. We have three large labs (80-100 lbs) who beat the previous door up to the point I had to repair or replace it…..enter your Endura Flap Pet Door. The first thing I noticed was the intelligent design. Secondly, the quality of manufacture. Soon I realized, this was every bit the product you claim. It is much quieter in operation than our previous magnetic door and our dogs had no trouble adapting to it.

We’ve had it in operation for only a few weeks but I can already see why you can warrant it for 15 years. I am confident that it will easily last that long. If you amortize the annual cost over the 15 years….It is very reasonable in cost. The magnetic latches are firm and sure. I can see the flaps will be easy to clean with extended use of our canine family.

May times in my search to buy a product that will solve a particular problem, claims made about such product are rightfully met with a certain level of skepticism. When I find a product that meets and even exceeds my expectations, I am compelled to say so. Thank you for your Endura Flap Pet Door! Thomas N., Covina, California

PP Note: Mr N describes the flap as "quiet" but we're not satisfied that it's quiet enough. We hope to introduce a new threshold piece which will serve to reduce the sound by the end of the year. As always, we provide upgrade parts at no charge to current owners.