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Hale Pet Doors - Wall Mount Models

Hale Pet Doors wall-mount models come complete with the tunnel. Self-framing design makes Hale Pet Doors for walls easy to install.

Hale Pet Doors for walls boast superior quality construction, ease-of-installation and an energy-saving design.

Hale Pet Doors for walls come standard with a heavy frame of extruded aluminum -- not plastic. Plus the corners of the frame are reinforced with steel for added strength. The Polycarbonate security panel is literally bullet-proof and the Alnico magnets inside the flap make a superior seal because they are far stronger than ordinary magnets.

Hale Pet Doors for walls are a high-end product and they do cost more than brands that use materials of lower quality. If you want one of the best products you can possibly get, Hale Pet Doors for walls are well worth a look