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For years now the best In-Ground Dog Fences have been manufactured and designed by Innotek. With five different models in-ground dog fences Innotek has a system with the right features at the right price for everyone. Innotek has used the expertise in the fencing market and now dominate the companion pet training market as well. Innotek has a training system for every size and disposition dog.

Is your dog’s annoying bark bothering you and your neighbors? Innotek has designed two bark control collars. You can set them and forget them. They are the safest bark control collars in the industry.


Innotek Dog Fences

With so many options for electric dog fences it is important that you pick the right one for your situation. Innotek has developed standard in-ground dog fences like the SD-2000 Basic In-Ground Dog Fence all the way up to their top of the line IUC-5100 UltraSmart Contain and Train In-Ground Dog Fence.

With an Innotek Contain and Train dog fence you not only get the great standard features of all Innotek In-Ground Dog Fences but you also get an easy to use dog training remote. You can use the Innotek trainer to train your dog in other areas without adding a second collar.

Standard In-Ground Dog Fences

SD-2000 Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System

IUC-4100 UltraSmart In-Ground Pet Fencing System

SD-2100 Rechargeable In-Ground Pet Fencing System

Contain and Train In-Ground Dog Fences

SD-3000 Basic Contain N Train In-Ground Pet Fencing System

IUC-5100 UltraSmart Contain N Train In-Ground Pet Fencing System


Innotek Bark Control Collars

Innotek has developed two standard bark control collars, the BC-50B and the rechargeable BC-200. They will both effectively train your dog not to bark without your involvement. Both Innotek bark control collars come with and easy to use training DVD.

BC-50B Automatic No-Bark Collar

BC-200 Rechargeable Automatic No-Bark Collar

If you don’t want to use a static correction collar or you don’t believe in them you now have another options. Innotek’s PBC00-11282 Spray Bark Control Collar uses effective lemon scented spray to control your dogs barking.

PBC00-11282 Spray Bark Collar


Innotek Remote Trainers

Training your dog is very important to the happiness your both your dog and your family. A well trained dog will be happier and thus live longer. That is why Innotek has developed 10 different remote training options. Weather you need a basic small toy dog trainer, or a large more robust long range trainer, Innotek has an option.

SD-70 Lap Dog Trainer

FS-15 Basic Remote Trainer

FS-25A Rechargeable Basic Remote Trainer

ADV-300P Digital Advanced 300 Yard Remote Trainer

ADV-1000 Digital Advanced 1000 Yard Remote Trainer

BT-502A Two Dog Basic Remote Trainer

ADV-1002 Digital Advanced 2 Dog 1000 Yard Remote Trainer

IUT-300 UltraSmart 300 Yard Remote Trainer

IUT-302 UltraSmart 2 Dog 300 Yard Remote Trainer