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Electric Dog Fence Questions
Invisible Fence Compatible Batteries
Batteries for Invisible Fence Brand Fences
We have Batteries that are compatible with Invisible Fence Brand Dog Fence Systems.  They are 30% to 60% less expensive than your local dealer with a Low Price Guarantee!
Invisible Fence Compatible Receiver Collars
  Invisible Fence Compatible Receiver Collars
Receiver Collars Compatible with Invisible Fence Brand dog fence Systems.  Our collars are 40% - 60% less expensive than your Invisible Fence brand collars with more advanced technology. 
Invisible Fence Compatible Replacement Collar Straps
Replacement Collar Straps for Invisible Fence Brand Collars
We have Replacement Collar Straps for Invisible Fence brand Dog Fence Systems.  Don't pay Dealer prices when we have your straps at a much lower price.  We have a great selection of colors and sizes available!
Invisible Fence Compatible Contact Posts
Contact Posts for Invisible Fence Collars
We have Contact Posts for Invisible Fence brand Systems.  Everything from Stainless Steel to Comfort Contacts to GentleSpring Contacts.  We have the size and selection of Posts no matter what breed of dog or cat you have.
Invisible Fence brand Complete Systems
Have the Peace of Mind when you purchase a Refurbished Invisible Fence brand System from the Pet Fence Pros®.  We've been in the Dog Fence business since 1994 and have the knowledge and experience that your local dealer doesn't.
Professional Grade Dog Fence Wire and Boundary Kits
Dog Fence Wire Flags

If need addtional installation or dog fence repair supplies, we carry a wide variety of wire, flags, and sod staples, as well as Professional Quality repair kits.  We have Professional Grade wire, the same your local dealers use!  Save the money, do it yourself with products from the Pet Fence Pros®.

Wire Locators & Repair Kits
Wire Locators & Repair Kits

Are you tired of paying your Local Dealer to repair your Invisible Fence System?  It's not Rocket Science, you just have to have the right supplies.  With these products from Pet Fence Pros® you'll save money and not waste your valueable time.  The Right products and prices from the Pet Fence Pros®!

Professional Dog Fences
We have boundary flags, splices, ground staples and power supplies for your Invisible Fence System.  Whether you're installing it at a new house or just making repairs we have the right products for you.
Dog Fence Lightening Protection
Dog Fence Lightening Protection
Lightening can be a nightmare for your Invisible Fence System but not with Lightening Protection units from the Pet Fence Pros®.  Protect your system with our Top Quality Lightening Protection! 
Protective Skins for Invisble Fence brand Collars
Protective Skins for Invisible Fence Collars
Are you tired of your Invisible Fence Receiver getting scuffed up and filthy?  Protect your investment with a stylish Skin.  We use skins on our phones to protect them so do the same with your Dogs Collar.  We have great choices of colors available.

Shop with confidence at Pet Stuff Warehouse and save money with our everyday low prices!