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Why Choose a Hale Pet Door?



The following are just some of the materials that give the Hale Pet Doors superior service and reliability.
Hale Pet Door Extruded Aluminum Frames

A heavy frame of extruded aluminum

Far superior to plastic or pressed metal frames for strength and durability

Hale Pet Door Reinforced Corners

Steel reinforced corners

Adds even more strength to our heavy extruded frame

Hale Pet Door Starboard covers

King Starboard® polymer security cover

King Starboard® is used in marine applications as well as security and other industrial applications and is designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions. It is environmentally stabilized for harsh sun and will not rot, swell, splinter, or delaminate when exposed to humidity or water. Its durable matte-textured surface on both sides is easy to clean and never needs refinishing. It has even passed the Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 302 fire test required for use in motor vehicles, including motor homes. This security cover is available in opaque black, white, or tan colors and is able to be locked in placed with a positive action steel "pin lock". Starboard is a registered trademark of King Plastic Corporation. If you would prefer to use one of our original covers with your pet door, our Lexan® polycarbonate cover in a translucent gray color is available upon request.
Hale Pet Door flap colors

PVC vinyl flaps

Our flaps are stronger and longer lasting than other available materials. Most Hale Pet Doors come standard with two separate flaps for maximum energy efficiency and protection from wind, unwanted animals and insects. Single flap Hale Pet Doors are also available in all models. The standard flap color on a Hale Pet door is clear but for certain applications we also offer an opaque black flap and for our eight smallest models we offer an opaque white flap as well.
Hale Pet Door Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnets

Alnico magnets are made from aluminum, nickel, cobalt and iron. They are much stronger and longer lasting than graphite magnets. They keep the flap in place to give greater protection from wind, unwanted animals and insects.
Hale Pet Door Gray Nylon Weather Stripping

Nylon pile weather-stripping

Aids greatly in the energy efficiency of our doors and gives added protection from insect intrusion.
Hale Pet Door Black Nylon Weather Stripping
Hale Pet Door Tunnel View Hale Pet Door Side Tunnel View

Aluminum tunnel

All Hale Wall Model pet doors come with a heavy .040 aluminum tunnel which connects the inside frame to the outside frame.
Hale Pet Door Low Pile Carpet


All Hale Wall Model pet doors come with mold and mildew resistant olefin nylon carpet that covers the sides and bottom between the pet door flaps. It is available in three varieties: a slightly higher pile carpet in a brown color (shown at right) and a lower pile, indoor / outdoor type carpet in both dark gray and brown (shown at left).
Hale Pet Door High Pile Carpet
Hale Pet Door Window Glass


The glass used in Hale doors is double pane insulated tempered glass standard. Our single pane OptiView window model, single pane in glass model, and storm window replacement model all use single pane tempered glass.
Hale Pet Door Frame Finishes

Frame Finish

We use two types of finish on Hale doors, either anodized aluminum or hard coat paint. Anodizing is a type of electrolysis used to place a protective oxide coating on metal. This produces a colored surface that cannot be rubbed off or scratched easily. Both finishes are very durable and are the very best available.
Hale Pet Door Raincaps

Water containment and diversion

Our flashing and raincap attachments (on applicable models) are an exclusive feature of Hale Pet Doors to help prevent problems that could be caused by water intrusion. We also recommend caulking around the outside top and sides of our pet doors to prevent water intrusion.
Hale Pet Door Flashing
The above materials are more expensive than what is used in other pet doors, but are necessary to meet the quality standards of HSPD Manufacturing, Inc.
All Hale Pet Door™ branded products are manufactured in the United States with the greatest attention to detail.