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At, we offer you the internet's best selection of high-quality dog fence batteries for all brands of dog fences and electric dog containment fence collars on the market today. As the world's largest dog fence battery retailers, our frequent purchases insure you of the freshest, longest-lasting batteries available anywhere. In our Dog Fence Battery Superstore, you can click to purchase batteries for any dog fence collar from all major brands. Our prices and customer service cannot be beat by any one, including your local dealer.

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About Our Dog Fence Batteries:

Here at, we offer the greatest online variety of Dog Fence Batteries. If you're looking for: will find fresh, best quality batteries for your dog fence collars right here. All our dog fence batteries are Pet Fence Pros® Certified, guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

How Do I Choose The Right Batteries For My Electric Dog Fence Collar?

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The wide variety of receiver collars on the market today, most of which require different and unusual types of batteries, can make finding the correct battery for your particular dog fence receiver into a difficult task. That's why we've done it all for you. The Dog Fence Battery Chart (linked above) gives you a visual reference so you can simply look for a picture of your dog fence collar and find the correct battery easily. If you have trouble, you can always call our Pet Fence Experts at 888-943-4364 during our normal business hours and we'll help you determine which dog fence battery you need. Most of our dog fence battery listings also give you sample pictures of the electric dog fence receiver collars they fit.


How Often Do I Need To Change My Dog Fence Collar Batteries?


Every receiver collar on the market today has different power needs and vary somewhat in the length of time it takes to deplete the battery. Also, every dog responds differently and some may test the dog fence system more than others. This means that batteries will last longer in some receivers than others. But there are some basic guidelines issued by every manufacturer for each receiver collar model. Most manufacturers recommend changing your dog fence receiver collar's batteries every 3-4 months, with a few exceptions. If you don't know how often to change your dog fence collar batteries, you can call our office and we'll be glad to help.

Why It Is Important To Use The Correct Batteries For Your Dog Fence Collar

Your dog fence receiver collar is a finely tuned, sophisticated piece of electronic equipment which is designed to do its job under pretty extreme conditions. You purchased it so you could have some confidence that your beloved pets can run and exercise safely on your property, without disturbing your neighbors, right? Then why would you compromise that peace of mind and your pets' safety by using batteries which don't meet your dog fence manufacturer's precise specifications? When engineers create the specifications for receiver collar power requirements, they take many factors into consideration. For instance, how long will the battery provide adequate energy output? How will the battery perform in extremely cold or extremely hot weather conditions? How does the battery react to the jarring and bumping resulting from a dog's normal running and playing? What engineers find is that every battery has a different set of results to these types of conditions, and energy output and durability can vary greatly from battery to battery. Even batteries which seem the same, but are made by different companies, can have a vastly different set of test results. Therefore, any batteries you purchase for your expensive dog fence receiver collars should meet or exceed your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications for voltage, energy output, and size. Most manufacturers will refuse to honor their warranties if you use batteries which don't meet these specifications, as they could feasibly cause damage to the electronics inside. These specs can be difficult to find, so we've done all that for you. All our Pet Fence Pros® Certified dog fence batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications, and are as safe for use in your pet fence collars as the ones you can buy from your local dealer.  You can purchase your dog fence receiver collar batteries from with total confidence!



This article has been written by to provide general information on product selection and functions. It is not intended to be a substitution for the information that comes with your product. This article may not be reproduced in any way without written permission from Please check your local laws and covenants to be sure that electronic dog training collars approved for use  in your municipality. If you have a dog with behavioral problems and particularly with fear or aggression issues, you should contact a reputable local animal behavior specialist who can assist you with these issues.
Contain a Pet Batteries
Invisible electric hidden dog fence batteries for Contain a Pet underground dog fencing pet containment systems. Six volt silver oxide dog collar battery.
Dog Collar Battery for Invisible Fence Electric Dog Fence Collars
Dog fence batteries for Invisible Fence brand electric dog shock collars & underground dog fencing pet containment systems. 3 volt lithium dog collar battery design approved for Invisible Fence brand R21 and R51 Computer Collar dog fence collars.