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Dog Fence Systems

  Electric Dog Fence and Hidden Pet Containment Products:

An electric or hidden dog fence can provide safe and dependable pet containment without detracting from the beauty of your property. Landscape features such as pools and gardens can be protected from unwanted pet activities, too.

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Provide your pets with the freedom they want, remaining confident they are safely contained. The outstanding selection of dog fence and cat fence systems offered at Pet Stuff Warehouse will allow you to choose the right pet fence to suit your particular needs

Not sure what type of Dog Fence to choose, or have questions? Call and speak to one of our Pet Fence Experts here at Pet Stuff Warehouse. Unique among online retailers, we have over 16 Years Experience with electric dog fence systems, including their installation and training. We can help!

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Electric Dog Fence Questions         

Browse Electronic Dog Fence Systems at Pet Stuff Warehouse
PetSafe Electric Dog Fence Systems
Petsafe Dog Fence Systems
PetSafe makes both in-ground (wired) and wireless dog fences to provide safe and invisible containment solutions for both dogs and cats.
Innotek Electric Dog Fence Systems
Innotek Dog Fence Systems
Innotek Contain 'N' Train and UltraSmart by Innotek premium electronic pet fences. These pet containment products are among the best available online.
Perimeter Technologies Pet Fencing Systems
Perimeter Dog Fence Systems
Perimeter Technologies pet fence systems feature Comfort Contacts and advanced technology still unmatched by competing systems. And they are Made in the USA!
Wireless Dog Fence Systems
Wireless Dog Fence Systems
Wireless dog fence systems from Petsafe and Perimeter allow your dog the freedom he craves without the need to bury wire. Instant Fence and WiFi Wire-Free Dog Fence.
SportDog Electronic Dog Fence
SportDOG Electric Dog Fence Systems
Safe & effective for all dogs over 10 lbs, the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System covers up to 100 acres. Follow the included training instructions and your dog will be staying safe at home in no time!
DogTek Electronic Dog Fence System
DogTek Dog Fence Systems
The DOGTEK® mission: To offer customers the most technologically advanced, durable, safe & reliable dog training products in the USA backed by superior customer service and support.

Dogtra e-Fence Dog Fence
Dogtra eFence Dog Fence
The Dogtra electronic dog fence is geared to give your dog the freedom he wants, within your specified boundaries. From the experienced dog training products experts at Dogtra.

Professional Dealer Dog Fence Systems
Professional Dog Fences
Pre-owned dealer dog fence products from Invisible Fence®, ®, Dog Guard®, & more. Cleaned, refurbished, & Pet Fence Pros® Certified. Selection varies with availability.

Dog Fence Batteries
Dog Fence Batteries
Dog fence batteries for all electric dog fence brands. We have batteries to fit Petsafe®, Invisible Fence®, ®, Dog Guard®, Perimeter®, and Contain a Pet® electronic pet fence collars.
Collars & Batteries for Invisible Fence Brand
Invisible Fence Compatible
Pet Stuff Warehouse is the #1 online supplier of Invisible Fence® compatible replacement parts for your Invisible Fence® brand pet fencing system.
Electric Dog Fence Replacement Collars & Parts
Dog Fence Collars
Additional or replacement electric dog fence collars forPetSafe, Dogtra, Innotek, Perimeter Technologies, Dog Guard, & Invisible Fence brand pet fences.
Dog Fence Wire
Dog Fence Wire Flags
We have a HUGE selection of Dog Fence Wire from the Factory Grade Basic wire to the Extreme Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Wire with a 60MIL Coating.  We also have the expertise to guide you in the right direction on what you might need.
Wireless Indoor Pet Fence Systems
Indoor Wireless Dog Fence
PetSafe, Innotek, and others make popular wireless units for use indoors. These products make it easy to keep your pets off furniture or out of restricted areas.
Wire Repair Kits, Wire Locators & Flags
Excercise Dog Pen
Available in durable steel wire or more decorative construction materials, exercise dog pens are perfect for giving pets a safe play area either indoors or outdoors.

Electric Dog Fence & Pet Containment System FAQ

Are electric dog fences effective?

Electronic pet fences, when used properly and as instructed, have a great success rate. The most common reasons for failure involve incomplete or improper training or a misunderstanding of system functions. If you read all instructions and follow them to completion, you are far more likely to have a positive experience with your pet containment system.

How do electronic pet fences work?

For wired or in-ground electronic dog fences, a boundary wire surrounding the containment area is connected to the transmitter, which is mounted inside your basement, garage, or other appropriate indoor area. The boundary wire emits a radio signal which totally surrounds the wire, creating a signal field of adjustable width. If your dog enters the signal field while wearing his receiver collar, the collar responds by beeping followed by electronic correction if he does not retreat. With proper training, your pet will learn to avoid the training flags, and to retreat upon hearing the warning beep.

Wireless dog fences operate in a similar way, with the main difference being the way the collar responds to the signal. Wireless dog fence transmitters produce a mostly circular signal area with the transmitter at it's center. The signal area's size varies by model and manufacturer. With wireless systems, the collar is activated when it goes outside the signal field boundary, at which time it will beep and/or correct.

Indoor pet fences work to exclude pets from areas where they shouldn't go, or to create boundaries indoors. Indoor systems normally employ a small transmitter which creates a fairly small wireless exclusion area, big enough to block a doorway, piece of furniture, or rug.

Which electronic dog fence system should I purchase?

You must consider a few things when determining the right pet fence for your situation. Do you need outdoor coverage, indoor exclusion areas, or both? Is your pet timid, stubborn, or somewhere in between? Is the system for your cat? Yes, there are even electronic cat fences available, and most 'dog fences' can also be used for cats as long as the receivers are not too large. There are many different systems on the market today, and there are wide variations in quality and features.

Most dog fence kits come in kits which contain everything you need, even training flags. If you want to install your system on a property which is larger than the included wire will cover, you can purchase extra wire, flags, splice kits, sod staples, or any other accessories you may require. If you have multiple pets, you can also purchase additional collars for your pet fence system.

How do I install the fence?

Generally speaking, in-ground pet fences are relatively simple to install. The system's transmitter must be installed in an indoor location, and properly grounded according to the included instructions. Boundary wire is installed around the containment area then attached to the transmitter.

You can see a helpful installation video which applies to almost any wired pet fence at this link: Pet Fence Installation Video

Where can I install the wire?

Dog fence wire can be installed underground, but burial is not required. The wire can also be installed above ground secured with sod staples, attached to physical structures such as fences, or even through streams or lakes. Installations in rough terrain or other challenges may warrant the use of heavy-duty wire.

What if I don't want to install the wire myself?

Check our our new Dog Fence Installation Services page for information on having help with your new dog fence boundary wire installation. Training services may also be offered in your area. Availability for these new services will vary according to your location.

How do I train my dog to use the system?

Proper training to your dog fence is imperative so that your dog fully understands how to respond to the system. Most dog fence systems include full training instructions, along with training flags for visual boundary indication.

You can see a helpful pet fence training video which applies to almost any wired system at this link: Dog Fence Training Video

How old or big must my pet be to be trained to the fence?

First of all, your pet should be well adjusted to the home environment before you start training. We recommend that your pet be at least twelve weeks old, but has no minimum or maximum size limitations. It is helpful if your dog is accustomed to the leash before beginning training.

Will the correction hurt my pet?

The correction is safe, harmless and humane. It is just strong enough to startle your pet. The correction produces less energy than that produced by a static shock from carpeting.

How long will it take to train my dog to the fence?

If dog fence training is performed properly, most dogs are fully trained in about ten to fourteen days. We recommend loose supervision for another two weeks after initial training is completed before leaving your pet unsupervised for more than a few minutes at a time.

Is associated with Invisible Fence®, Petsafe®, Contain a Pet®, Innotek®, ®, Dog Guard®, Pet Stop® or any other pet fence brand?

We are an authorized reseller of many retail pet fence brands, and have experience through our local Alabama dealership with many professional dog fence brands such as those mentioned above. However, we are not authorized dealers for Invisible Fence, , or Dog Guard brand dog fences, though we sometimes offer previously owned products made by these manufacturers for sale. Additionally, we carry dog fence batteries and many other products compatible with professional pet fencing brands.

Why is a better choice than other online dog fence retailers?

Since we founded our Alabama Dog Fence dealership in 1994, we have installed over 8000 dog fence systems and trained more than 10,000 pets to use them. As one of the top pet fence dealerships in America, we have knowledge which can only be gained through extensive experience with many varying situations. No online competitor can claim the range of pet containment knowledge that we do, or even come close to the level of industry competence offered by the Pet Fence Experts at

Can I take my system with me if I move?

Absolutely. All you’ll need is wire installation to fence in the boundaries at your new location. If you don't want to perform the installation again, click here for information on our New Dog Fence Installation Services.

Can I use an underground dog fence for my aggressive dog?

We do not recommend the use of an electric dog fence for a dog with a history of biting or aggressive behavior. The only exception is when the system supports a pre-existing wooden or chain link fence. Use of electronic corrections with known aggressive dogs is not recommended; instead, we suggest you call a quality professional dog trainer for their recommendations.

This article has been written by to provide general information on product selection and functions. It is not intended to be a substitution for the information that comes with your product. This article may not be reproduced in any way without written permission from Please check your local laws and covenants to be sure that electronic pet containment is approved for legal animal confinement in your municipality. If you have a dog with behavioral problems and particularly with fear or aggression issues, you should contact a reputable local animal behavior specialist who can assist you with these issues.

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