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Hale Pet Doors

Hale Dog Doors offer models designed to install in sliding glass doors, wood and metal doors, screen enclosures and so much more.

Hale Dog Doors first came about because in 1985 Bill Hale needed a dog door for sliding glass doors, but none existed. So he decided to design and build one that would meet his own high expectations. It was nothing short of a breakthrough in the dog door industry and quickly became known as one of the most secure dog doors ever.

Today, Hale Dog Doors has many other styles and models including Hale Dog Doors for walls, windows, doors and screens. And if that is not enough, they carry 11 different sizes in each style! That means there's definitely a size and style in the Hale Dog Doors lineup to solve just about any dog door need. 
Hale Pet Doors - Door Mount Models
These Hale Pet Doors are for installation through a door. They come in Single or Dual flap & Eleven sizes to choose from!
Hale Pet Doors - Wall Mount Models
Hale Pet Doors wall-mount models come complete with the tunnel. Self-framing design makes Hale Pet Doors for walls easy to install.
Hale Pet Door Replacement Flap Kits & Accessories
Hale pet door replacement flaps, Hale GE Lexan security covers, and replacement pet door magnets.
Hale Pet Doors - Standard Patio Panel Models
Energy Efficient and secure permanent patio panel pet doors with the Hale Standard Patio Panel.
Hale Pet Doors - Omni Patio Pet Door Models
Quality, energy efficient, and easily removable patio pet doors that also work well with vinyl sliders such as Pella & Andersen doors.
Hale Pet Doors for Screens
Top quality Hale Pet Doors for screens are for pets of all sizes including extra large dogs.
Hale Pet Doors for Windows - Vertical Sash
Easy to install pet doors for vertical windows featuring insulated tempered glass.
Hale Pet Door for Windows - Horizontal Sash
Secure, easy to install pet doors for horizontal windows.