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Pet Fence Pros New Dog Combo Pack for Invisible Fence Brand Dog Fence Systems

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Regular Price: $330.99
Our Price: $189.00
You Save: $141.99 (43 %)

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free shipping



Perimeter Technologies ComputerReceiver Collar

for Invisible Fence Brand Dog Fence Systems






GUARANTEED TO WORK With Your Invisible Fence 7K or 10K Dog Fence or Your Money Back!
(excludes Invisible Fence 800 series)

Includes Training Flags and a Year's Supply of Batteries

PT R21 Replacement Invisible Fence Collar Combo

Why Buy From Pet Stuff Warehouse?
      • Free Custom Programming (Correction Level & Frequency) - Other companies don't even know how to program these collars!
      • Free Probe Covers for Training -Begin training without shock; easier on you and your dog
      • Free Re-Programming for any reason -Just ship it to us and pay for return shipping
  • Free Re-Programming for your Invisible Fence brand R-21 -We have Invisible Fence CF2100/2200 Programmers, too
  • Expert Technical Support - After over 15 years in the Pet Containment Business, we know more about Invisible Fence Products than their own dealers
  • Free Training Support via phone or e-mail - We've contained over 10,000 dogs & cats with our local pet fence dealership

    Got Questions?  Call 888-943-4364 and talk to one of our Pet Fence Experts


Add a New Pet to Your Invisible Fence System, And Save MORE Money with our Combo Pack!
Owners of Invisible Fence Brand Dog Fence Systems: You've probably seen the great reviews for the Perimeter ComputerReceiver R21 Replacement Collar. Thousands of Invisible Fence owners now enjoy using the ComputerReceiver all over the USA. The extreme popularity of this unique product has allowed Pet Fence Pros to Lower the Price even more! With our Combo Pack, you save almost $20, and get FREE SHIPPING ON TOP OF THAT! Shipping on the Training Flags alone is usually more than $10 - meaning you'll save about $30.

Here's what comes in the Combo Pack: Pet Fence Pros Training Flags

  • One Perimeter ComputerReceiver R21 Replacement Collar Perimeter Replacement Batteries
  • One Pair of Natural Rubber Comfort Contacts
  • One Pair Medium Steel Contacts
  • One adjustable Nylon Collar (fits all sizes)
  • FREE Correction & Frequency Programming
  • Four 6v Li Ion Replacement Battery Packs(One Year's Supply) Normally $48!
  • 50 Pet Fence Pros Boundary Training Flags(1 Bundle) Normally $7.75 plus shipping!
  • FREE Instructions to easily download the Invisible Fence Safe Dog Training manual and other manuals - whenever you want!

The Perimeter ComputerReceiver Collar for Invisible Fence Brand Dog Fences is 100% Guaranteed to work with your compatible Invisible Fence Brand pet fence system* or we will promptly refund your money. 

*Compatible Transmitters:
  • ICT700 (Gray Case)
  • ICT725 (Gray Case)
  • ICT750 (Gray Case)
  • ICT775 (Gray Case)
  • Invisible Gate (Off-white case)
  • ICT150 (Dark Blue Case)
  • ICT250 (Dark Blue Case)
  • ICT100 (Dark Blue Case)
  • ICT100A (Dark Blue Case)
  • ICT75 (Dark Blue Case)
  • ICT50 (Dark Blue Case)
  • AT950 Indoor Transmitter
  • CT4000 (Older rectangular case)
* The Perimeter ComputerReceiver Collar is NOT COMPATIBLE with Invisible Fence 800 Series transmitters or Shields Indoor Avoidance transmittersThe Perimeter ComputerReceiver Collar will not work with these transmitters, and is not a replacement for the Invisible Fence R21 Titanium Series dog fence collars. 

The Perimeter ComputerReceiver Collar is NOT COMPATIBLE with Perimeter Brand Dog Fence Systems.

If you are unsure as to whether your system is compatible with the Perimeter ComputerReceiver Collar, please CLICK HERE to request our assistance.  Be sure to include your transmitter model.  We'll be happy to help.

Some Important ComputerReceiver Features:

Waterproof Collar Receivers: The craftsmanship that goes into every Perimeter brand product is so good they offer the only battery replaceable waterproof collar receivers on the market. Perimeter brand ComputerReceiver will continue to function without issue when completely submerged in water. Have a pool, pond or take your dog to the lake?  This tough collar is up to the task.  Invisible Fence receivers are water resistant, not waterproof.(Copied directly from the Invisible Fence R21 Computer Collar Manual)

Tough Polycarbonate Collar Receiver Housing: Polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight, high performance plastic which possesses a unique balance of toughness and dimensional stability. Perimeter brand dog fence collars use polycarbonate plastic to make them resistant to damage from dog chews. Polycarbonate is frequently used in situations where safety and performance are a must such as external jet aircraft parts, the space shuttle and many military applications. Why trust the safety of your dog to anything less?

Closer Spacing Between Contact Posts: Small dogs and cats have smaller necks.  It is common for Invisible Fence brand R21 posts to be spaced too far apart, causing skin irritation and poor contact.  Using Invisible Fence "cat post" attachments is a hassle and can sometimes irritate skin even more. Perimeter brand pet fence collars have posts which are spaced 7/16" closer together, providing a better fit and significantly decreasing the possibility of pressure sores or skin irritation.  Safer and more comfortable for all pets, especially little ones.

Seamless Warning Tone (Anti-Linger): Perimeter brand ComputerReceivers avoid excessive battery drain from those dogs smart enough to sit in the warning area until the battery is dead. Perimeter software seamlessly moves your dog from a warning tone to a very low level of correction 1 second after entering the warning tone area.  This function helps to avoid premature battery drain and to emphasize the importance of the dog fence boundary.  Allowing your dog to spend excessive amounts of time in the warning tone area will condition them to not take the pet fence as seriously as they should.  Additional time in the warning area will promote testing the fence more frequently, resulting in shorter battery life.

Invisible Fence brand Transmitter Frequency Selection Switch

IF ICT725 Freq Switch Detail

As America's Number One Supplier of high quality dog fence products, the Pet Fence Pros at know you wouldn't put your pet's safety in the hands of just anyone.  That's why we trust Perimeter products, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. by people who love their pets, just like you.  Perimeter is a team that you can trust, too.  As a matter of fact, they're some of the same people that created Invisible Fence, the first pet fence brand, in 1976 and continue to design some of the safest and most innovative pet fencing products available today. 
Safer Designs for your Peace of Mind

Perimeter Authorized Retailer

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Perimeter Technologies
Manufacturer Part No: PTR22Combo

Product Reviews

(20 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
What a deal!
Roslyn T. (St. Louis) 4/8/2010 10:48 PM
I almost paid my local dealer $350 for a new IF collar for our puppy, plus $75 more to 'set it up'? and put flags in my yard. Found this and ordered it at midnight on a Tuesday, got it on Friday. That's fast! The collar is smaller than my other one and thats great for my new dog which only weighs 13lbs. It worked perfectly right out of the box and the customer service (Gretchen!) was great when I called about placing the flags. All in all, a great quality package for a really good deal, even free shipping. I like it being made in the USA too!

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